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About the Track

Roebling Road Raceway is a 2.02-mile asphalt road course, 33 feet wide. There are nine corners for the main course and 12 corners when running the alternate-layout chicane.

Roebling Road Raceway has Emergency Medical Technicians, advanced life support ambulance, fully-equipped fire truck and licensed fire-crew on site each event and test day. Roebling Road Raceway can also supply a wrecker, roll-back and motorcycle crash truck and crew at the request of event and test day organizers. If your event needs workers, Roebling Road can provide you with SCCA-trained flagging and communication workers.

Facility Information

Climate-controlled registration building

Climate-controlled three-story control tower with timing and stewards rooms

Full service concession stand with covered dining area


12 Open Air Garages With Power

Covered technical inspection area with 4-wheel scale pad

60-acre paddock with security lighting and paved roads

Medical Building/Triage

Fuel available: 98 Unleaded and 110 Leaded in 5 gallon pails.

Credit Card Payments Only are accepted at the pump.

Electrical hookups are available in 115v/15 & 30 amps, and 230v/50 amp capacities.

Water hook ups (Limited)

No Dump Station on Property

Two Mens and Womens Bathrooms with hot showers

AMB Timing wire

Three-turn front-straight chicane available

Three waste fluid stations with disposal containers for oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and fuel.

Wireless Internet

False grid with covered driver stand

Impound Area

Victory Podium

Fuel Information

Current Fuel Available:
98 Unleaded and 110 Leaded in 5 gallon pails.

Quick Facts

2.02 Mile Track
9 Turns
Located near Savannah Georgia
Sound limit of 103dB, with the allowance for vintage cars at 104dB is strictly enforced.

Roebling Road Raceway

1135 Roebling Road
Bloomingdale, Georgia 31302
Phone: 912-748-4205

Toll Free: 888-398-7223

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